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Whitening cream

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[ERD GLOBAL Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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(1)Are you worried about pigmentation on your armpit, breast, elbow, knee, groin, and your private part?
(2)Are you worried about mottled skin and feel uncomfortable wearing short sleeves?
(3)Are you worried about darken skin tone because of skin trouble or acne?
(4)Did you try various items but had no change?
(5)Are you considering undergo a cosmetic procedure because of pigmentation?




(1)For darken nipples and areola because of pregnancy and childbirth. 

(2)For darken nipples and areola because of hormonal changes after adolescence. 

(3)For darken nipples and areola because of friction against underwear or period, or other various reasons. 

(4)Are you misunderstood if you are married because of darken nipples? 

(5)Are you misunderstood if you have a lot of sexual relations because of darken private part? 


We made our product safely and honestly with DSM, where has an import license of niacin, the main material.

Paraben free, alcohol free harmless to human body and

obtained certification about whitening effect from KFDA